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Chimney Sweep

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Our maintenance service was designed to give you peace of mind that your chimney and fireplace are clean, safe, and ready to use. Routine maintenance services include:

  • Inspecting the chimney and fireplace for structural integrity
  • Cleaning the chimney and fireplace
  • Removes built-up creosote and soot to prevent chimney fires
  • Eliminating any accumulation of soot, dirt and debris
  • Offered by professional and certified chimney sweep technicians

Chimney and fireplace maintenance is essential to keep your family and your home safe. Schedule a professional chimney sweep and cleaning service today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having your chimney swept can prevent fires and other hazards by removing creosote and other debris. The chimney sweep can also assess whether any damage has occurred or if there are any safety issues. The chimney sweep can also assess whether any damage has occurred or if there are any safety issues.

A typical chimney sweep service includes cleaning out the chimney, inspecting the chimney for any damage or safety hazards, and providing a written report of the condition of the chimney.

The process of chimney sweeping typically begins with a visual inspection of the chimney, both inside and out. Then, the chimney sweep will use specialized brushes and tools to remove debris, such as creosote, from the chimney. They may also use vacuums to remove debris and ash from the fireplace or stove. Once the cleaning is complete, our professional technician will inspect the chimney again to ensure it is safe and in good working condition.

The cost of a chimney sweep service can vary depending on the location, the size and type of chimney, and the level of service needed. It is best to get a quote from a professional chimney sweep.

Self-service chimney sweeps are not recommended. It is a dirty and potentially dangerous job that should be left to a trained and certified professional.

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